Since 1985 Galerie Au Chocolat has been producing fine quality chocolates and confections for the North American market.  Our attention to quality and focus on making great tasting chocolates has resulted in the creation of a wholesome, natural and ultra premium line of chocolates that offers something for everyone.  The result is an exciting assortment of chocolates that delights the taste buds while ensuring that you are enjoying only the most natural and wholesome confections available.

Our people, process and state of the art production facility is dedicated to ensuring a quality product for our customers.  The passionate team of chocolate makers combine their passion for flavour with only the very best, ethically-sourced, natural ingredients to produce among the highest quality chocolate available in the world. 

Integrity in our process

We pride ourselves in not only using the best ingredients but also in the care and attention we pay to the processes we use to create our chocolates.  We regularly undergo stringent audits, inspections and process reviews to ensure that we maintain our high standards.  We are a GFSI / SQF level2 / HAACP  certified company.  We also maintain a Kosher and peanut-free facility. 

The entire Galerie Au Chocolat team is committed to creating a compelling taste experience for our consumers.  Whether you are new to the chocolate world or a serious chocophile, Galerie Au Chocolat is sure to delight your taste buds and open your eyes to what you’ve been missing.