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Here at Galerie au Chocolat we pride ourselves in being master chocolatiers that offer premium quality Belgian chocolate. We strongly believe that eating chocolate should be an experience that stimulates your senses, provides you with a sweet feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

With premium ingredients comes great care. This is key to keep your secret stash – let’s face it we all have one – fresh and at its best. With that in mind and with the warm weather we are having, we felt it was our duty to provide you with the best way to keep your chocolate cool this summer.

Keep Your Chocolate at the Right Temperature

Chocolate should be kept at a temperature of 16˚ to 18˚. This is usually rather easy to do all-through the year, except for the summer months and especially if you do not have air conditioning. In that case, a basement or cold room can be used. In any case, no matter the season, chocolate should never in direct sunlight, because it will melt, even in the cold weather.

Once Open, Don’t Keep the Package Open

This is an inconvenience only if you haven’t finished your chocolate all in one sitting. Here is a fun fact, due to the fat content, if not properly wrapped, your chocolate will absorb the flavours of the items around it, especially in the fridge. If you are to have some chocolate, here is a tip, only take what you need and close the package right away, don’t open the entire bar. If you want to keep your chocolate in the refrigerator, place it in an easy to open hermetic bag. Just remember, take your chocolate out of the fridge ahead of time to get it back to room temperature before eating.

Respect the Best Before Date

Chocolate can’t go bad. This is not true. Chocolate can go bad. The best before date on the package is there to make sure it is consumed at its best. If you see grey or white spots on your chocolate bar, fear not, it is not mould. It simply means that the cocoa butter has crystallized. This usually happens when there is a big heat variation. You can still eat the chocolate. With these three steps, you are set to keep your chocolate in perfect conditions.

PSST! Did you know you can tell if a chocolate is fresh by its look and sound? A premium chocolate will have a shiny smooth texture. It will also melt at body temperature and will make a cracking sound when you break off a piece. Give this a try next time you try a new type of chocolate.


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