The classic pairing of tea and chocolate

Food tasting offers a culinary experience to your guests. This holiday, surprise your guests with tea and chocolate tasting ; two classics that on their own are delightful, but brought together they are more decadent and delicious. Here is our suggestions.



Earl Grey Tea

The Earl Grey Tea is a tea blend flavoured with natural bergamot essential oil, which pairs very well with a dark chocolate bar.

Pairing: Fairtrade Dark Chocolate Earl Grey

Vanilla Tea

The smoothness of vanilla beans pairs very well with dark chocolate.

Pairing: Fairtrade Midnight Dark

Mint Tea

The refreshing flavour of Mint Tea balances the bitterness of dark chocolate.

Pairing: Fairtrade Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp

Coconut Chai 

The creamy coconut flavours of coconut chai tea matches perfectly with dark chocolate. Just like the strong black tea stands up to the coconut sweetness, the dark chocolate stands up to the coconut flavour.

Pairing: Fairtrade Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar



English Breakfast

The strong natural cocoa flavours of the English Breakfast tea pairs very well with milk chocolate.

Pairing: Milk Chocolate Almond Dreams

Darjeeling Black Tea

Darjeeling tea has musky-sweet tasting notes that balances very well the sweetness of chocolate.

Pairing: Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Maple Crunch

Kashmiri Chai 

The Kashmiri Chai is very similar to green tea with a creamy citrus taste.

Pairing: Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Almonds & Sea Salt or Milk Chocolate Almond Bark 



Jasmine Tea 

Jasmine tea provides soft, floral notes and a mouth drying feeling that matches well with the sweetness and the creaminess of white chocolate.

Pairing: White Chocolate Almond Bark

Matcha Tea

Matcha is quite bitter, but when paired with white chocolate, the aftertaste is a very well balanced creamy, matcha flavour.

Pairing: Fairtrade White Chocolate Matcha Green Tea



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