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Where is the chocolate made?

Our chocolate is made in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What is Fairtrade

Fairtrade helps farmers and their families make a better living by ensuring they are paid a fair price for their products.


Is your chocolate nut-free?

Our chocolate is made in a peanut-free facility, contains or may contain tree nuts. We recommend that you read the list of ingredients and the allergen statements on the back of the product labels or on our website on their product page.

What allergens are contained in your product?

All of our products are processed in a peanut-free facility but one that handles dairy, peanuts, wheat, soy and tree nuts. We do our utmost to avoid cross-contaminating and separate everything we make by hand so as to ensure quality and safety, though we cannot guarantee 100% that there was no cross-contamination.

Does your chocolate contain soy?

Our Fairtrade line of chocolate are soy free, however we do use soy in other products and in the facility. We recommend that you read the list of ingredients and the allergen statements on the back of the product labels or on our website on their product page.

What are the internal wrappers of the chocolate bars made of?

We currently use a foil wrapping on our product to protect the chocolate and avoid blooming, however we are in the process of transitioning to a compostable wrapper.

Is your chocolate gluten free?

Products do not contain gluten or gluten-containing ingredients; however, we cannot guarantee they are gluten-free as some of our manufacturing facilities do handle gluten-containing products.

Is your chocolate vegan

Our dark chocolate is dairy-free and considered suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

Is your chocolate kosher

All our chocolates are indeed certified kosher. We also have a separate production Kosher for Passover chocolate.

Does the chocolate contain sugar?

Yes, the chocolate contains sugar.

Our Fairtrade bars contain only organic cane sugar.

How should I store your chocolate?

To keep your chocolate as fresh as possible, keep it in a cool, dry place. Keeping your chocolate in the fridge or freezer is OK (let’s be real – frozen chocolate is tasty) if you are only storing it for a day or two, but try to keep it in a drawer or compartment that blocks out excess moisture to avoid blooming (crystallization and streaking).

Do you have a sugar-free bar or one with a sugar substitute?

Yes, we have a collection of chocolates that have No Sugar Added using maltitol instead of sugar for sweetness that you crave.

Are your products Fairtrade

We do have a dedicated line of Fairtrade products ranging from Bars to Baking.

Do you use sustainably sourced cocoa

Yes, all our cocoa is sustainably and ethically sourced.

What makes your chocolate so good?

Quality of ingredients. We don’t add fillers or emulsifiers.

What is the white stuff on the chocolate?

This is referred to as blooming or when the sugar crystals in the chocolate rise to the surface. This does not mean that the chocolate is bad!

Why aren’t all your products Fairtrade?

While we do support the Fairtrade movement, due to the prices we offer a lower priced bar that uses ethically and sustainably sourced cocoa but that has not been certified Fairtrade.

Where is your cocoa grown?

Africa and Dominican Republic

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