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Our Story

Gourmet ingredients,
indulgent chocolate


Our Brands


At Galerie au Chocolat, we are inspired by the exceptional.


Imagine double-roasted almonds, sun-bathed sea salt, and the sweetness of real maple syrup. And only the highest-quality Belgian chocolate. We use exquisite, gourmet ingredients so you can indulge in the experience of our chocolate, savouring each bite and each moment.


Galerie au Chocolat. Gourmet ingredients, indulgent chocolate.



Company History


Since 1985 Galerie au Chocolat has been producing premium chocolates and confections for the North American market.


A privately-owned chocolate maker located in Montreal, Canada, we believe that beginning with exceptional ingredients, we deliver exceptional taste experiences.


As a leading North American supplier of ultra-premium chocolate confections, our Fairtrade chocolates are produced with only the best, ethically-sourced ingredients from around the world and our artisanal chocolates are beautiful both inside and out of the packaging.


Our chocolate experts source these ingredients and our master chocolatiers infuse them with creativity, passion and the integrity of our time-honoured chocolate making process.


While we are proud of the expertise and effort that go into the production of every piece of our chocolate, we are equally proud of our partnerships with local businesses and suppliers and our stalwart commitment to a sustainable corporate ecosystem.


For more than 35 years, we’ve created chocolates and confections that delight our customers with each decadent bite.


Discerning consumers appreciate the simplicity, quality and taste of our chocolates. You might not know that each box is hand-wrapped, and each bow is hand-tied the same way, but you’ll taste the difference.



Quality Ingredients, Quality Chocolate


In order to create the best tasting chocolates, we start with the best ingredients.


Only quality ingredients are used in making our confections. When you use the very best products, nothing extra is needed to create our ultra-premium chocolate taste. We rely on proven processes to let the natural flavours, aromas and colours come together in our products to create special taste creations that define our company. We source as much as possible from North America:


  • Maple from Quebec
  • Cream from Ontario
  • Double Roasted California Almonds
  • Canadian Butter
  • Sea Salt sourced from the shores of Italy
  • Cocoa Beans
  • Cocoa Mass
  • Natural Vanilla Extract
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Organic Cane Sugar


By using only the finest of ingredients, we have no need to add oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, flavours or anything artificial in our products.  The chocolates we produce are all natural, non-GMO, made in a peanut-free facility, kosher, and our dark chocolates are suitable for a vegan lifestyle.



Integrity in our Process


We pride ourselves in not only using the best ingredients but also in the care and attention we pay to the processes we use to create our chocolates.


Galerie au Chocolat is committed to creating an indulgent chocolate experience for our customers through the use of the highest-quality ingredients and the attention we pay to our processes.


We regularly undergo stringent audits, inspections and process reviews to ensure that we maintain our high standards.  We are a GFSI / SQF level2 / HACCP certified company.  We also maintain a Kosher and peanut-free facility.

Our core values and mission

Our core values are the principles we believe in and respect in every interaction, and the way we evaluate our performance and measure our success.

Our customers, our reason for being

Our customers are our priority. We are driven by the desire to exceed their expectations. We listen, we know how to solve problems and we deliver what was promised.


The best relationships are those based on honesty, trust and respect. So we communicate our intentions, then act on them.

Philosophy of sharing

Teamwork is essential to personal and professional development. Sharing knowledge, skills, ideas and efforts benefits our clients, ourselves and our communities.

Winning mindset

We play fair, but we never lose sight of winning. In this spirit, we execute our plans and strategies with a focus on results, commitment and passion.

The importance of everyone

Our future depends on the success of every employee. In the spirit of dignity and diversity, we recognize that it is the talents and contributions of each individual that allow us to be our best.

Structured Organization

Strong relationships break down barriers and promote innovation and collaboration. It is by working openly and proactively that our team excels.

“We have been producing several healthier, more natural chocolate collections that have been growing over the last few years and building on their success, we have decided to expand to a better for you chocolate brand under a new name: Liesse Chocolatier.”

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